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"A Passion for Excellence... After more than 40 years of having ‘incremental dental work’- [fillings, crowns, root canals, etc.] at various family dental practices and still not happy with my overall dental health and outward smile, I decided it was time to look at the options now available for a complete restorative smile makeover. After a number of weeks of research and calling into various dental practices in the London area, I soon discovered that there are very few dental offices that truly specialize in complete restorative smile makeovers. While there are many “family practice” dental offices that claim to perform cosmetic dentistry as a side line - very few are dedicated and equipped with the technologies and special expertise and training required to complete a total makeover of my smile. I discovered Dr. Bruno Paliani, The SmileDentist, and his team are such professionals. Following the most thorough oral and dental examination I have ever had, Dr. Paliani prepared a detailed treatment plan in which he explained the various options and recommendations open to me, in terms of costs and benefits. He was even able to show me the before and after photographs of what my new smile would look like! I decided to move forward and after just two morning appointments my new, permanent smile, was complete and I was ecstatic with the results! Dr. Paliani and his staff are truly dedicated to delivering excellence in all they do, from my initial consultation through to the final reveal, I can honestly and confidently recommend them to our family and friends as one of the most highly qualified, personable and dedicated professional offices in London."
Joe H.
"I came in unhappy and unconfident with my smile and Dr. Paliani and his kind staff listened to my concerns and worked with me based off my needs and financial capabilities. He did very great work and I am very happy with the outcome of my new smile! Dr. Paliani and his staff were very professional and welcoming and helped me a lot with my confidence related to my smile. If you are considering changing your teeth I would very much recommend this dentist office to get it done, you won't regret it!"
"Hello Dr. Paliani, Just a short note to thank you for my recent dental work. I cannot believe how quick and easy it was to transform my top teeth. You and your team worked so well together and put me completely at ease with the procedure. I do look forward to having my lower teeth done next year and will not hesitate to recommend your services to others."
Carolyn K
"I wanted Invisalign for a very long time and am more than happy with the results. In just over 6 months my teeth are already at what I've always wanted! Dr. Paliani has been great and I can tell he's very passionate about what he does."
Parys Desjardins
"Dr. Paliani is Great! I love my new teeth and smile! and the friendly service. I thought the temps looked amazing and it couldn't look any better than that, then the actual veneers went on and WOW! I'm so happy and impressed with my smile! Dr. Paliani and Kate are miracle workers! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to smile again! :) "
"Dr. Bruno Paliani, Thank You... more than I can say. Thank you for creating my new beautiful smile. It is life changing. You are the best!"
Carrie Bradley
"For years I have grinded my teeth. Dentists have filled and built them up repeatedly. Upon meeting me, Dr. Paliani recommended porcelain restorations including veneers on all my teeth. Although this was a very expensive procedure, it was a good investment that I've never regretted. Seven years later, my teeth are in wonderful shape! Everyone I meet comments on my beautiful smile and teeth. Thank you so much!"
Dr. Brenda Murphy
"Couldn't be more pleased with the professional, efficient, and friendly service I received here at The Smile Dentist. I achieved such significant results in under a year and felt taken care of during the entire process (Invisalign). A big thanks for Dr. Paliani, Jen and Kate for everything! "
Kathryn Dobrogost
"I have had bad teeth my entire life. I could never afford braces, nor did I want them. Invisalign as my desire option and Dr. Paliani gave me the smile I wanted my whole life! I was very pleased with the results and how quickly my teeth moved into place! I wish I had done this years ago! So happy with my smile!!"
Melissa Henry
"Hi Dr. Paliani, Thank you for helping me to obtain a better smile. The Invisalign treatment was easy and efficient. The treatment didn't make any big changes or inconveniences to my life. I actually built better habits from it. I use floss after every meal. The end result from the treatment is successful. I like how my teeth look now. The teeth are bright, white and aligned. Thank you for the wonderful work. Thank you, Dr. Paliani, Jennifer and Katelyn. "
"I can't thank Dr. Paliani and his team enough for my "new smile". I am 64 years old and was always self-conscious about my crooked teeth. After putting 5 boys through braces I decided it was time for me. I am so happy I did this! The office is lovely and the staff professional, accommodating, and friendly! I would highly recommend the Invisalign experience to anyone who is unhappy with their smile. Thank you so much Dr. Paliani and team!"
Janice Watson
"Dr.Paliani and the his team at the Smile Dentist were great throughout my Invisalign treatment, from start to finish. I'm very impressed with my results and have a renewed sense of confidence with my smile. Invisalign was one of the best decisions I have made, and I am ecstatic with the results and quality of service provided by Dr. Paliani and team. Thank you for the excellent service and for my beautiful smile!"
"Being in my 40’s and having crooked teeth all my life. I figured I’d just have to live with them the rest of my life. I happened to see Dr Paliani’s Invisalign sign at the road. I’d never heard of braces that no one can see. At my age I didn't want metal braces and I had always wanted to correct my smile. It is probably one of the best things that has happened in my life. I knew my teeth were bad but I didn't realize til I saw my before and after photos how bad they actually were. It brought tears to my eyes when I realized I no longer have to cover my mouth when I smile. It makes me appreciate all the amazing work Bruno did to transform my smile. I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done. "
"Dr. Paliani and Staff, I just wanted to send my sincere appreciation for giving me back my smile! When I first came into your office I never dreamed that I would feel this way. You have not only fixed my smile, but you have changed my life. My confidence level has soared because I am no longer worried that people might be judging me based on how my teeth look. Oddly enough, now people are judging me based on how my teeth look and I couldn't be more pleased about that! As for the actual procedures, I could not believe how easy and painless it was! I have had times when getting my teeth cleaned was more uncomfortable than getting my new smile! Your dedication and professionalism in dentistry is to be commended. You are enthusiastic and a caring dentist who should go home at the end of each day knowing that you don't just fix smiles, you really do change lives! Thanks again. "
Sherri Fitch
"I am a woman over 60 years of age who was in need of cosmetic dental surgery to correct discoloured and crooked teeth. I spent years being embarrassed about my smile and believed it aged me. I finally built up the courage to have a consultation with Dr. Paliani regarding my need for cosmetic dental work. During the consultation, I found Dr. Paliani to be highly sympathetic without being pushy. He said I would require significant work to correct the issues and explained the procedure including the time involved. I decided to go ahead and have the work done—and I am so glad that I did!!! Dr. Paliani uses state of the art equipment so although I spent two days in the dental chair, the procedure was painless and the results remarkable. Dr. Paliani also listened when I requested that my teeth not be blindingly white. My smile looks so fresh and natural now!!! I want to thank Dr. Paliani and his team for their professional and caring service. I recommend them without reservation."
"Bruno and his team were so great during my Invisalign journey. I hated my smile for years and finally decided to do something about it. Invisalign was my first choice. My brother used Bruno previously and had great things to say and that ultimately made my decision! I couldn't be happier! Thanks again."
Amanda Vick
"Incredible results! I am so happy with the work that's been done. I had veneers done - my teeth look natural and beautiful, and feel like real teeth! The rapid whitening service also gave me incredible results, and was easy to maintain. I would recommend Dr. Paliani to anyone, and his very friendly and supportive staff!"
"After a hard fall and severely damaging my front teeth, I never thought I would be able to smile confidently again, but thanks to Dr. Paliani and his amazing team, I now am able to smile even wider than before my fall. Thank you again."
"I am writing...to express my gratitude and let you know how much I appreciate the craft you put into making my smile come alive. Choosing you and your dental team for enhancing my self esteem was the best decision I've ever made. Thanks again."
Mark F.
"Hi Dr. Paliani, I want to tell the world how much my new smile has changed my life. Throughout my younger years, many procedures were tried on me to straighten my crooked teeth but none of them made me happy with my smile. Not only has my self confidence sky-rocketed, but reactions from my friends have been more than positive. One of my students recently commented that I should be in a toothpaste commercial. At my recent wedding, one guest stated that I didn't stop smiling the whole day, and several mentioned that I didn't look like a senior citizen. I can't thank you enough for the great work you have done for me."
Sharon Benson
"I now love to smile again, thanks to Dr. Paliani. The process was quick and painless to repair my chipped and damaged teeth. Don't wait, just do it as smiles as so important! "
Deborah R.
"Before coming to Dr. Paliani, I had major issues with self-confidence and sensitivity with my teeth. Dr. Paliani did an amazing job and has resolved both issues, doing an outstanding job! The staff alongside Bruno was also exceptionally well. The overall experience was a 10/10! Thank you for all your services!"
"It's been twenty years since I first came to Dr. Paliani to improve the appearance of my teeth. It was a considerable undertaking but the results were wonderful. I still get a thrill whenever I look into the mirror and smile. I'm so thankful to Dr. Paliani. "
Renate Gross
"I came to Dr. Paliani with fairly minor issues; some slightly chipped teeth and crowding on the bottom but these were issues that made me self-conscious on a daily basis. Dr. Paliani more than exceeded my expectations for treatment and this is coming from an individual who obsesses over minor detail! I now feel content and confident with my new smile. I could not have asked for a better experience! "
Sarah Burtch
"Dr. Paliani delivered "the" smile for both my wife and I that we always wanted. I would encourage anyone to look into doing this if they are not happy with their smile."
Mike M.
"I would highly recommend Dr. Paliani. As a busy professional, his practice provided me with just what I needed, a great new smile in a surprisingly short time frame. No regrets!!!!"
Brian M.
"I am really happy with treatment that Dr. Paliani has done on my teeth, I smile better all the time and I will be his patient for a long time. "
Anna Z.
"Dr. Paliani changed not only my smile, but my life. I never smiled and talked with my mouth nearly closed as my teeth were yellow and full of decay. When I saw my new smile for the first time I cried it made me so happy. My self confidence is back, I smile all the time and no longer hide my teeth while speaking. My smile is so perfect now I get compliments from people all the time at how beautiful my teeth are … and I make sure to tell them who gave them to me. I am forever grateful to Dr. Paliani as well as his wonderful staff. I always feel comfortable and welcome in his office. Thank you so much for making me happy again. "
Jenna Wojsznis
"Even when I was little, I wished and dreamed for straight teeth. I was always embarrassed about my smile. I definitely was self-conscious when people really looked at me because I was sure they were staring at my crooked teeth. By luck, I stopped in to "The Smile Doctor" to just see if anything could be done. Well, I was totally blown away at the fantastic results. I was quickly assured that there was a treatment for me. Extremely professional and always pleasant, the staff guided me through my appointments and what I had to wear to achieve my goals. Within months, my crooked, hillbilly smile was transformed into an enviously beautiful smile. I'm absolutely delighted and can't believe that it took such little time to make my childhood wishes come true. Thanks so much Dr. Bruno and Staff!! "
Joan Willemsen-Hoffman
"I have had two overlapping and chipped front teeth for the past 9 years. I always hid my smile and never showed my teeth when I did smile. Dr. Bruno Paliani and his team made me feel very comfortable during the entire process. I would recommend Dr. Paliani to anyone who is looking to fix their smile in a heartbeat. I am thrilled with the results and everyone who knew me before the procedure cannot stop complimenting my new smile. I will be smiling extra big for the rest of my life now. Thanks again to this amazing and professional team!"
Yanina M.
"I had a great experience using Invisalign under Dr. Paliani. The procedure was easy and very well explained by all the staff, and they made my appointments work with my schedule, which is great for a student studying out of town. Any questions and concerns were addressed quickly and effectively. Dr.Paliani and his staff are extremely welcoming and go the extra mile to ensure their patients leave with a beautiful smile."
"Hi Bruno, Just wanted to follow up on my dental appointment with you today to say how pleased I was with your overall service,a very pleasant surprise indeed. I think the last place the average person really wants to go is to the dentist office,and I'm certainly no different, but the experience I had told me you know what your industry in today's market needs, & how to treat the customer. When I found out my regular dentist could not take me for over 2 weeks for a simple filling repair, I was concerned that since the filling had fallen out that it should be looked at as soon as possible and did not wait over 2 weeks, so I went looking for help, you were my first stop. Recently we have moved to the London north area, so when I drove to your 251 Fanshawe Park Rd. W. location that was only a few minutes away, I was immediately impressed to find lots of ample parking. When I walked through the front door I was even more than the impressed with the surroundings, well decorated, bright, warm, even a fireplace, & television running, not your typical dental office for sure. Since it was very early around 8.00-8.30 am, I then sat down in a comfortable leather chair and within a minute someone came out to say hello, & then offered me a cup of coffee, then to arrange for an appointment for next day after hearing about my dental issue & concern. What a pleasant experience for my first visit to say the least, & even better was the care given to me during the filling by yourself, well done. It is a pleasure to see that you offer very modern Dentistry, with a most pleasant ambience ,that relaxes the patient upon on their arrival,knowing that going to a dentist for any reason is not very high on ones priority list for the day. So Dr.Bruno, congratulations on your dental practice, well done,you have a new client,& I will be telling my family and friends about The SmileDentist. One has to have & enjoy the experience themselves. "
Frank Foran
"I have recently completed the invisalign process. When I first started going to Dr. Paliani, I had number of worn, silver fillings in my upper and lower jaw teeth plus very crowded front teeth made worse from clenching them at night. I was conscious of my smile and very conscious of the number of fillings that showed when I laughed. Over the past couple of years Dr. Paliani actually rebuilt my jaw teeth so that I no longer have ”fillings”, just nice looking teeth. Seeing the results helped me decide on upper and lower invisaligns to complete the transformation. Now I like my teeth, but more importantly, I don’t think about them when I’m out socially. I just feel more confident."
"Hello. This is just a short letter letting you people out there know about Dr. Bruno Paliani. I am just your average guy, that had veneers done twenty years ago, and they were wore out. Now veneers where done a lot different back then. I did not know what to expect. The Dr. just took over in every aspect of my treatment and am I glad he did. In every way I was treated with perfect dentistry. He explained what he had planned in words that even I could understand, from the start I was comfortable, not only with him but his staff as well. What he said he did, the price did not change. I liked that. For myself this was a very enjoyable trip to get the smile, that I got is wonderful. Thank you Dr. and your staff. "
Dale McAllister
"I can honestly recommend the services of Dr. Paliani and his team. In no time at all they were able to restore my smile. If you're feeling self-conscious regarding the status of your teeth do not hesitate to give Bruno and his team a call! Thank you for your attention to detail and courteous service."
"I am extremely pleased with my new smile! Bruno's attention to detail and perfectionism definitely paved the way to straight, even, bright teeth. I am often complimented on my smile and I give kudos to the Paliani dental team for helping me. I shopped around for the best rate for Invisalign, and found Dr. Paliani to be the most economical. I found his treatment plan to be the most accommodating as well. Jamie is a great asset to the team. From an administrative front he helped me keep track and organize the process of submitting to my health benefits. He was very quick to get back to me, and always with a resolution. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to the Paliani dental team .. you'll love your new smile. I wouldn't have done a thing differently and am glad I made time to do this for myself."
Katie W.
"A general phobia of dentists and years of dental neglect had robbed me of my smile. Dr. Paliani did two things. First, he restored my faith in dentistry; the sessions were a breeze, and painless. Second (and more importantly), he restored my smile. The results have been so good that I have basically needed to learn how to smile again, as my habit had been NOT to. What a great problem to have!"
Craig P.
"In the summer of 2012, I had the privilege of being a client of Dr. Paliani. On my first appointment, Dr. Paliani gave be a quick run-down on what Invisalign was, and how he would use Invisalign to improve my smile. His communication approach was simple and straight forward with a no scripted marketing technique. There are a couple of points to mention about my Invisalign experience. First, no one has the time to waste, and Dr. Paliani definitely makes sure he does not waste your time and I truly appreciate the fact that he is very effective, efficient, and genuine in his interaction either in-person, via e-mail or phone. Second, I would have to acknowledge Dr. Paliani and his team for their patient and cautious approach in making their client feel at-home. Upon my numerous visits, Dr. Paliani would always take his time to examine my Invisalign process and he would make changes just to ensure he gets a perfect end result. Why would anyone care what my favourite chewie flavour is? Apparently, Dr. Paliani's goal is to make sure his clients Invisalign process is a fun, enjoyable and stress-free process. If he cares to know what flavour you like, you bet he cares about helping you to achieve a beautiful smile! If you would like to visit a no-pressure, no-stress, no-hassle, no-in-your-face kinda dentist, well, The Smile Dentist is the place to go! Thank you, Dr. Paliani and the power Team!"
A Mustang
"Thank you so much , I'm excited and my teeth look fabulous , great job !!"
Melissa C.
"My name is Scott Berry and I was dealing with a very serious issue for approximately 6 months before I had the chance to meet with Dr. Paliani. I woke up one morning and the pain I felt in my jaw was overwhelming. Over the days and weeks to follow the pain gradually became worse, and eventually I could not even eat properly. I did see my former dentist regarding the problem and after a few visits and some different options we tried, the problem was just not going away. I was not sure there was a solution for me and that I might just possibly have to deal with this pain for life. I was finally referred to Dr. Paliani about 6 months after the pain began, and I had a strong feeling before we even got started that he was going to make a difference. It is one thing to treat patients with their needs whatever those might be, but the fact that he made me feel so comfortable and welcomed from the moment I walked in the door, well that is a part of business that cannot be priced. After thoroughly examining my Jaw and surrounding area, he quickly determined what the problem was. I was clenching my Jaw while I slept and if finally caught up to me. I had no idea I was doing this and why nobody else would of thought of it before. We then went through a process of creating a BITE PLANE which is a device that would prevent me from clenching my teeth together at night. Most devices of this nature can be very uncomfortable and hard to sleep with, however I was shocked at how comfortable it was and how easy it was for me to keep in my mouth while I slept. The most important part of this testimonial over and above the Doctors great service, is the fact that within a week the pain that was changing my life was virtually gone. I could not believe how quickly it worked and the difference it made in my life. I was finally pain free and eating anything I wanted again regardless of how it would affect my Jaw. I continue to wear the BITE PLANE to this day as it is so easy for me to sleep with. It has been a month now and my mouth has actually trained itself to stop clenching, which is amazing. So all in all the experience I had with Dr. Paliani from the moment he took me in as a patient to the moment he took my pain away, I would more then recommend his services to anyone. I have comfort knowing I have the best of the best to take care of me for many years to come, and hopefully take care of my children as well. Thanks again Dr. Paliani for giving me my life back, I will be in debt to you forever!!!! "
Scott Berry
"I have been a patient of Dr. Paliani for almost 20 years, and have had many dental procedures, always completed in the most friendly and professional way. Not once have I been unhappy with an outcome. "This is dentistry at its best." "
L. McLean
"Dr. Paliani and his staff are extremely professional and pleasant to deal with. Before visiting his office I was not aware that dentistry could be so pleasant. I was also not aware of the extra effort and attention to detail that would differentiate one dentist from another. I would highly recommend Dr. Paliani's services to anyone who cares about their teeth and is looking for a true professional. Sincere Thanks! "
Stuart Campbell
"The best part of my experience with Dr. Paliani and his staff was that they listened to me. I had gone to other dentists but was told my problem wouldn't be fixed with veneers and they tried to steer me towards other options that I did not want to pursue. After meeting with Dr.Paliani I believed he understood how I wanted to proceed and he supported that decision completely. Once the plan was in action he wasn't satisfied until I was! "
Shannon Burnham
"I am ecstatic by Dr. Paliani's repairs to my 3 front teeth he did repairs due to chips. Being my front teeth, I was nervous to get them worked on in case I wasn't happy with the results. He instantly put me at ease with his passion and knowledge. I could tell he took pride in what he does. He did a perfect job. I am very happy with his work and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. "
Melissa Hallman
"My experience was great with Dr. Paliani and his staff. Since the first time I walked in, their warm welcoming atmosphere, flawless facility, and professional conduct made me feel I was in the right place to have my teeth fixed. Dr. Paliani was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do with my particular case. I was considering veneers, but I am so happy I went with Invisalign. About the same cost as braces, but a lot less noticeable and a lot more comfortable, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Paliani and his staff were very accommodating. They worked around my schedule and were very understanding of how busy I am. Dr. Paliani is a great guy, easy to talk with and makes you feel very comfortable the whole way through. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my new teeth, I don't have to hide my smile anymore, I actually have the biggest smile in the room now. People comment all the time how amazing my teeth look, this would never have been possible without Dr. Paliani and his staff. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. If you want your smile improved, look no further than The Smile Dentist. Thanks Dr. Paliani! "
Martin Horneman
"My teeth had been holding me back for years. My crowded bottom teeth and even more crowded top teeth made it difficult for me to enjoy most social events where pictures were being taken. I was embarrassed and always tried to position myself so as to be photographed on my "good" side (which was still crooked, but at least the teeth weren't on top of each other.) When my parents bought my graduation pictures I was embarrassed that they showcased them in my house for all to see, instead of proud of my post-secondary accomplishments. I needed a solution, but getting braces in my twenties felt ridiculous. I felt like my teeth were already too noticeable. I was somewhat skeptical about Invisalign, since I'd heard it was for subtle alterations, but Dr Paliani reassured me that he "liked a challenge". With the challenge accepted, it only took a few aligners for me to notice a huge difference. Not only more aesthetically pleasing, but easier to bite down and to chew. Wearing the aligners quickly became second nature and I was so excited to see the progress week after week. I am extremely happy with the results and I feel like it was an excellent investment. Now for my graduate school pictures I'll be proud to have my parents showcase them for all to see. "
"To anyone considering Invisalign or other forms of cosmetic dentistry, I highly recommend they make a visit to Dr. Bruno Paliani. At the free consultation, he listened to my questions and concerns and provided open and honest feedback about the appropriate treatment. He was also considerate of my financial and time constraints which I greatly appreciated. He made the Invisalign process a breeze by walking me through the entire treatment plan step-by-step prior to starting. The entire team at Paliani Dentistry is courteous, friendly, and welcoming. They clearly care a great deal about their patients and strive to make sure they receive the best possible care."
Rebecca B.
"I was not confident with my smile before, but after receiving Porcelain Restorations I was very satisfied and much more confident. It looks and feels excellent. "
Scott T.
" My experience with Dr. Paliani was much more than I had expected! From the beginning I was welcomed into an open, honest and very friendly environment. Dr. Paliani was so accommodating and worked with me to achieve the best results possible within my budget. I am extremely pleased with my results, my smile is beautiful and healthy and I find my confidence has increased as well as my overall sense of satisfaction in life. Thank you Dr. Paliani & Staff for your help!"
Marie Burford
"I recently just finished Invisalign with Dr. Bruno Paliani. My teeth were not horrible but they were crooked and far from perfect. Paliani's office was great at working with me and my short schedule and maximizing my benefits so very little had to come out of my own money. They are a great small team that are really there for the clients and not just to make money. Dr. Paliani and his staff were always very friendly and helpful. I was able to email them with any questions or concerns I had. With today's growing society in technology and fast paced life, his office definitely meets the needs and convenience of clientele today. I was very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend him to anyone. Love my new smile. :) "
O. Gunnell
" I would like to thank you Dr. Paliani and staff whom I have known for 18 years of good service. Everyone is always smiling, very friendly, bright pleasant atmosphere etc. Your 1995, 1997, 1999 fillings continue to look as good today as the day they were done. Back in 1995, Dr. Paliani introduced me to teeth whitening (my teeth were badly stained). I continue to have a beautiful smile all thanks to the care and instructions of Dr. Paliani. I will continue to enjoy seeing everyone every 6 months. "
Doreen Shields
"I met Dr. Bruno Paliani through my daughter that had veneers done on her front teeth. When she showed me her smile I was amazed and so were the rest of the family and her friends. I had a big gap between my two front teeth which was stopping me from smiling with confidence. I would always smile hiding my teeth. I had asked my dentist at the time if he could do something about the gap and he told me no that it would make my two front teeth look very big, so I left it until my daughter convinced me to go see Dr. Paliani. After the exam, I told him “you can’t do anything right?” his answer was “no challenge is too big for me”. So we started the treatment – first the teeth whitening, then the veneers on my four front teeth. When the work was completed, I was so excited and was able to smile and laugh with confidence. It really improved my self esteem. The work was done just in time for my daughter’s wedding. Later on he also filled a missing tooth with a permanent bridge that also improved my smile. Dr. Paliani is a perfectionist and takes great pride in improving his patients smile and oral health. Dr. Paliani also worked with other members of my family including my husband. My husband had partial dentures attached to his teeth and really needed a new smile also. Dr. Paliani did implants and new dentures that made him look many years younger and really improve his self esteem also. Thank you Dr. Paliani "
Rollande Masters
"As we age it is very important that our teeth are serviceable and attractive. Dr. Paliani has looked after my teeth for decades and I am pleased that both of these aims have been. Thank You Dr. Paliani "
May Parkinson
"I've been a patient of Dr.Paliani since he took over the practice from Dr. Humphries (1994). I have a mouth full of dental work as my teeth were not very good from early childhood. Dr.Paliani took my dental work and upgraded it from ordinary to extraordinary, replacing old fillings, fixing my front teeth from teeth with pegs to teeth that look normal and feel normal. I would recommend Dr. Paliani and his staff to anybody needing any kind of dental work."
Dorinda Sherry
"During the past four years I have been a client of Dr. Bruno Paliani, during which his workmanship has been of the highest quality."
"I had short and getting shorter grey teeth from taking tetracycline as a child. I had 20 veneers applied over 2 appointments with minimal discomfort. The staff and Dr. Paliani were very pleasant and professional I am very happy with the results. "
Barbara Fisher
"I have been coming to Dr. Paliani's Dental Office since 2003. I love the smile that he has given me - my teeth look beautiful and new. I have moved to Windsor but return for all my checkups and treatments. Well done, Dr. Paliani and thank you."
Olivia Previl
"Invisalign is the easiest thing I have ever had done. My daughter had traditional braces and she complained a lot about the pain after each tightening, sores in her mouth, and flossing. None of that applies with Invisalign. As well, only 1 person could tell I was wearing the Invisalign (and that's because she worked at a dental office!). Thanks for an easy and pleasant experience (as well as a beautiful smile). "
Wendy Bradnam
"Before I came to Dr. Bruno Paliani's Office I was very unhappy with my teeth and smile. I decided it was time for a change so with the help of Bruno and his staff they came up with a Smile Makeover for myself. It was unbelievable the end result and now I can actually do whatever I want without hiding my smile. I would like to thank everyone at the SmileDentist you changed my life... "
Lucas Vick
"Thanks to Dr. Bruno Paliani and staff I have a smile I can be proud of. The wonderful thing about a great smile is when you smile everyone immediately smile's back at you. Using Invisalign to straightened my teeth as well as tooth whitening made this happen. In addition my old amalgam fillings were all replaced with tooth coloured fillings. Gaps between teeth have been closed and food no longer gets trapped between the teeth. Dr Bruno Paliani and staff were friendly, courteous on time and always willing to answer questions. Modern technology in dentistry made the whole process painless. I am indeed a happy patient and at 65 years of age wish I had found Dr. Bruno Paliani many years ago. "
Kathy Vincent
"Just a little line to say thank you very much for my experience with Dr. Paliani and his staff. Every one was very professional and friendly made me feel right at home. The results were everything he promised and more. I am 50 years old and with this treatment makes my smile look 15 years younger (in my opinion). I highly recommend Dr.Paliani and his staff. Thanks again for a job well done! Keep up the great work!"
Chris B.
"I am thrilled with my new smile! for years I didn't want to show my teeth and now I feel I can laugh and talk to people with ease and confidence. The entire office is professional and caring and I look forward to many years of top drawer dental care. "
Wendy M.
"My Invisalign Experience: I am really happy with the way my teeth turned out, it is a very nice life change and I feel way more confident!! All of the staff here are very nice and everything is very organized, everything is done perfectly and I always felt very confident with the staff here. Overall I am extremely happy with my new smile. I cant wait to show it off! Thanks for all the work and effort put into making me the perfect smile!! "
Jordan Emmett
"When I was a teenager my teeth began to shift a lot! I was very self-conscious about my smile and even stopped smiling in pictures. I was not looking forward to getting traditional braces which I was told would have to be on far a minimum of 2 years. Then I found out about Invisalign. After 1 year I absolutely love how my teeth look. The procedure was easy and convenient, not to mention people didn't even notice I was wearing braces! Dr. Paliani made sure everything was always on track and running smoothly. Overall it was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone who needs correction over the traditional braces. "
Sadie B.
"I feel so much better about my smile since Dr. Paliani did cosmetic work to improve it. I was self conscious to smile before, and the work that was done made my smile perfect. The appointments were relaxed and easy and everything was done with minimal appointments/time. I also was a teeth grinder at night, and Dr. Paliani made me an amazing bite plate that is so comfortable, I cant sleep with out it. My jaw was constantly sore and clicked from all the grinding and it went away after a few months of wearing the bite plane. Thanks again to all the staff for their wonderful service."
"My children and I have been patients for 20 years. My children are now married and live in Toronto- Bruno helped them find dentists in Toronto! We have appreciated all the care and excellent work that Bruno has done for us. We have beautiful smiles and healthy teeth, thanks to him. Thank You, Bruno!"
Jan DeRose
"The decision to get Invisalign was an easy one because for the longest time, I was unhappy with my smile. Taking pictures was always an issue for me and I always felt conflicted about whether or not to smile while showing my teeth. I feel I waited a long time to fix my teeth. The reasons range from other people telling me I look fine to concerns about pain and time commitment. If I had known what I know now, I wouldn't have waiting this long. Not only was the process easy, it was pain-free and full treatment took around ten months! Another concern I had at the beginning of treatment was whether or not I would have god results from Invisalign. I am very pleased that my teeth and smile look better than even I expected. I would recommend Invisalign for everyone!"
Adrianna G.
"When I first came to Dr. Paliani I was skeptical that my teeth would never move and look the way I wanted them to. At that point, I had been to many consultations and countless dentists who had told me that the only way my teeth would be fixed was if I went through major jaw surgery. Dr. Paliani was different. He assured me that my teeth would move and that Invisalign was the way to get results. After 2 ½ years of treatment, countless compliments and a big change in my appearance, I am truly happy with the results. Thanks Dr. Paliani!"
Farhana H.
" I would like to thank the staff at Dr. Paliani's office for their wonderful service. Making appointments was easy with this office, they were very accommodating and very prompt when I had sent an e-mail question/concern or had to change my appointment. I started my treatment in most part because I was self conscious with the gap in my front two teeth. After meeting Dr. Paliani, I found out that I had other alignment problems that could be fixed as well. It was a great option for me rather than traditional braces being that I was in 3 weddings that summer and I didn't want to be faced with looking at metal braces in those wedding pictures forever. My end result is amazing, my teeth are whiter and beautiful. I get compliments all the time on my smile and it makes me very happy with the choice I made. Definitely a confidence booster :) Thanks again. "
Cyndi Stevenson
"I was terribly embarassed by my teeth. I loved to laugh and just couldn't bring myself to show my teeth. I would constantly put my hand in front of my face when I laughed or smirked instead of smiling, just so I didn't have to show my teeth. I brushed my teeth several times a day and flossed too and nothing was making my teeth look more presentable. I was very self-conscious of my teeth and I really started to become a "shrinking violet", which was not me at all. I also wasn't sure if I believed in the whole cosmetic/vanity route to happiness, as "you got what you got" so deal with it. I did a lot of research and concluded that I needed to fix my teeth so I could start feeling good about myself again. That's when I found Dr. Paliani. I had my consult and decided on getting veneers put on my top teeth. All I can say is "WOW". What a difference, in not only my smile, but the way I feel about showing off my teeth. I love my smile! I'm not afraid to have my photograph taken with me smiling. My kids gradually got used to Mom's new teeth and are totally excited that they can now see Mom smile more. Having my teeth done by Dr. Paliani gave me back the confidence I needed to get back out there and SMILE. Thank you for that! "
Jane Nesseth
"I had the porcelain crown and veneers procedure done at your office approx. 3 years ago on my front upper 4 teeth I have had so many compliments about my new smile and I truly love them, and don’t regret for a minute having this done, it was worth every penny! "
"Dr. Paliani, I would like to thank you for the great job you and your staff did when you gave me a smile makeover. I appreciate your attention to detail. It is very evident in the results. Thanks also for the flowers and "Glamour Shots". Sincerely,"
Carolyn W.
"As a result of my underlying fear of the dentist, the health of my teeth was seriously at risk. I was in desperate need of help and began searching websites for a dental facility that would help me overcome my fears. I soon discovered Dr. Bruno Paliani "The Smile Dentist" and viewed the photo gallery and read the testimonials on his website. My first thought was if he can help these people, I am sure he can help me. The rest is history. I made a consultation appointment and felt so comfortable with Dr. Paliani and his staff that he began an examination that very day. Within 3 or 4 appointments I had my healthy and confident smile back. Thank You Dr. Paliani & Staff - You are Terrific!! "
Dianne W.
"I would like to thank you for all the hard work you and your team have put into my new smile. Every compliment I receive ensures that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have a new found sense of confidence and love to display my pearly whites whenever the opportunity arises. It is an unexplainable relief to no longer question my appearance when I am laughing or having pictures taken of myself. You truly have a wonderful talent that can bring happiness to so many people; I am lucky to be one of them and I wouldn’t change a single thing about my new smile. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you all enough. "
Natalie Cain
"A smile communicates the core being of a person. Sometimes the health or state of our teeth keep us from expressing who we are on the inside. Dr. Paliani brought all of this into sync for me. He gave me a beautiful smile, and in my case, restored my health, by removing a chronically infected tooth which had made me ill for many years. I really didn't know where to go to have the work done. I asked family and friends for leads on cosmetic dentists, and the best advice that I got was " Find someone who has a passion for what they do." When I found Dr. Paliani on-line, I liked what I saw on his Web Site, and so I booked an appointment. At the consultation it was obvious that I had found "my dentist with a passion for what he did." I was impressed with his credentials, and that he continually upgrades his learning and skills. He also uses state-of-the-art digital technologies. This enables him to work to a very detailed precision. All of this was important to me because I could not have this procedure done if I didn't have complete trust in the dentist. It had to be done right. The procedure was not painful or scary. He took great care to get my teeth as white as possible, and then carefully colour matched my new porcelains. Now I have an awesome, beautiful smile. My 10 year old son said my new teeth looked like my older daughter's, who has perfect teeth. I knew then that Dr. Paliani had made my teeth genetically correct for me as well. They are what I should have been born with. With the alignment improved, I can eat corn on the cob better than ever! Dr. Paliani's office is easy to get to, and there are no parking hassles. This was important to me because I did not want to arrive at my appointments stressed out. I have so much joy in my new smile, and I now feel well all the time. It seems too good to be true! I will always be grateful to Dr. Paliani for his "Passion for Excellence." "
Miriam Bartley
"Invisalign gave me the confidence I needed to have a beautiful smile for my upcoming wedding. I was always terrified of getting braces and having these painful, metal tracks in my mouth; but then I found this. I loved the ease of- and short length of treatment and all of the support and service received from Dr. Paliani and his staff! I would 100% recommend Invisalign to anyone! Thank you so much for everything! Thank you for everything you've done to perfect my smile! I couldn't be happier! I have been showing it off to everyone I see!"
Melanie H.
"My teeth weren't always this way; they seemed to worsen over time. The worst part was that it wasn't anything I caused and I didn't know how to get them fixed. A previous dentist kept saying he would call me with new ideas on what to do about the stains but he never really did. So I kind of learned to live without focusing on my teeth. I figured that my true friends would care more about what's on the inside. But then I began to think that I didn't want people to remember me as the girl who had stained teeth. I asked my Mother to look up some dentists who could fix my teeth - and soon. She found Dr. Paliani's website and she e-mailed them about my situation. When they wrote back that they were interested I got hopeful. Needless to say, I repeatedly asked my parents to make an appointment with him in the hopes that I could get my teeth fixed before I started university. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I finally got an appointment and Dr. Paliani said he could fix my smile with bonding. I wanted it done as soon as possible so I made an appointment for the procedure exactly one week after my consultation. I was nervous, yes, but also really excited. He told me what was going to happen so that there wouldn't be anything unexpected. So in I went and sat in the chair for four hours. Everyone made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure so my nerves quickly subsided. The conclusion? All of that sitting was so worth it. My smile is amazing and I couldn't be happier. My friends and family comment on how nice they are. I am not a shallow person but this has definitely boosted my confidence and now I smile a lot. I'm so glad I got the chance to be his patient because I'm sure if I wasn't my smile wouldn't have been fixed - at least not for a long time. "
C. Cooper
"This is a letter supporting Dr. Paliani and how his services perfected (by a lot!) my smile. Ever since I was little, my teeth were never straight. They weren't just a "little" crooked or out of place either, they were an absolute mess, especially my bottoms, but also my tops. I had considered braces a few times, but the combination of wires, frequent dentist visits and wire changes, inconvenience, and pain, turned me away. When I first heard of Invisalign I was skeptical. But Dr. Paliani reassured me that definitely my teeth could be made better from what they were. He said he liked a challenge :). Invisalign is much more convenient and so much less painful!! Now, two years later, it is remarkable how my teeth look. I am so thankful to Dr. Paliani and his staff. Now I don't have to feel guilty every time I smile, and I am so much more confident :)! Thanks for everything!"
Roxanne M.
"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing care I have received in your office over the past few days. I really appreciate how accommodating you've been in getting me started so quickly. My smile is looking so much better already - I'm so glad we went ahead with the bonding - a huge boost in confidence! I really appreciate your skill and expertise, and the time and care you take in explaining and perfecting my treatment. Looking forward to getting started with invisalign and continuing my journey towards a fabulous/healthy smile!!"
Julie F.
"My experience with Dr. Paliani was excellent. He shows in every visit that he cares about the patient and cares about how your teeth turn out. The staff are very friendly and most importantly the results were perfect! Thank you!"
Randi G.
"Eighteen months ago, after receiving a postcard in the mail about Invisalign, I entered your office to have my son assessed for braces. It never occurred to me to get this done for myself, until I watched the video instruction and noticed in particular older people with beautiful smiles subsequent to their Invisalign treatment. For years I struggled with crooked, crowded teeth which made me self conscious to speak to someone or smile without covering my mouth. This is when I realized that I did not have to endure this any longer. The course was effortless and within a couple of months the subtle transformation of my teeth was evident. Friends and co-workers were not even aware that I was wearing braces. It sounds like a cliché, but now that I have completed the process and other than some minor bite adjustment and some teeth whitening, I can honestly say that it has certainly changed how I see myself. My regret is that I had not done this years earlier."
Joanne F.
"I wasn’t satisfied with the way my teeth looked but thought I was past the age where I could do something about it without having to wear metal braces. Being a university student, that was not a route I wanted to go. Choosing invisalign and Paliani Dentistry was a great fit and choice for me. The process from the initial consultation through to the final appointment was very smooth. Not to mention the fact that I was thrilled with the results! Dr. Paliani was very personable and took great care in his work. I now feel more confident and am proud to show off my new smile. Thank you Dr. Paliani and Team!"
Cory G.
"I am a 44 year old woman who had no hope of having a smile just like everyone else. I had a family dentist in my home town that could not give me a smile that I had longed for. When I went to my family dentist they suggested to do a root canal and then have implants put in where the "eye teeth" baby teeth were. There was nothing else that he could suggest. I had asked my dentist before this if they could fill in the spaces that I had but his reply was that the spaces were too big. I went to another dentist in my home town, a denturist. He suggested to put in a bridge that would hold the "eye teeth" again the baby teeth but mentioned that the bridge would crack or break? I thought to myself, I have to find someone to help me to have teeth just like everyone that I have seen. Their beautiful teeth that had no spaces, looking at them smile and wondering what it must feel like to have so much confidence when they smile. I want that kind of smile. I had a very nice smile as people would say, but my teeth were not like anyone's that I have ever seen myself. I had two front teeth that had a big space, missing the other teeth that just didn't come in, baby teeth if you could imagine at my age that were ready to be extracted. Aware of the problem that I had occurred I had to find someone to fix this problem and fast. One night I went on the internet to see what other dentists were out there, and that's when I came across Dr. Bruno Paliani's website. I recall looking at all the photos before and after but no one had teeth like mine. How could I see or imagine what I could look like if there is no one in the photos that had teeth like mine. I decided to take a chance and emailed him, I explained how my teeth were and wanted to see him so I could hear what he could do for me. I finally saw him and to my amazement I found someone who understands what I wanted. He took pictures of my teeth and about a week sent me a before and after picture on my computer so I could visualize what I would look like. Oh My God! This is what I could look like? OH MY GOD! Finally I found a dentist that could do miracles with what I have. I am doing this because I know what it feels like, everyone staring at your mouth cause your teeth aren't "the norm". If I could help at least one person who feels that they can't have a nice smile, or wonder what or how it could feel for the very first time in there life to smile and feel so confident and beautiful on the inside and out, I want to show those people that there is hope for you because I was once that person too. In my heart and eyes Dr. Bruno Paliani is my angel sort of speak because he listens and understands and he did perform a miracle for me! That is this beautiful smile for me to share with others. Thank you so much! "
M. Clark
"Thank you so much for the awesome job you did on my teeth yesterday! I don't even feel like you did any work on them at all. What a great experience. Thank goodness I found you! I am very happy! "
"Just wanted to thank you so very much for all of the care and attention you have put into making sure that Kathryn had wonderful results. It is such a huge blessing to have Kathryn feeling free to smile now. Thank you so much for being part of this journey that will have such a positive impact on the rest of her life! We definitely will refer you to anyone looking for wonderful dental care in London!"
Kerrie N.
"I just wanted to say thank you for your services. You have no idea how much my new smile has helped to increase my self-confidence. I smile a lot now and I am not afraid to show my teeth. If you see pictures of myself before invisalign i smiled with my mouth shut, now all my photograhs i show my teeth. Im in Dublin right now, i havent seen my sister in 1 year. the last time she seen me was when i had crooked teeth. when she saw my teeth she was amazed and so happy with my smile. she was the one that referred me to you and im so glad that she did. and i will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their smile. thank you!!"
Sylvia M.
"I'm VERY happy with the service, the treatment, and the results. I was really hesitant to take action despite always being uncomfortable with my teeth. I'm been discussing orthodontic work with my dentist for probably twenty years, but I didn't want metal braces. When I first heard about Invisalign, it seemed like the perfect solution, but my family dentist (whom I really like & trust) said that it was for minor adjustments and wouldn't be suitable for my teeth which had spacing, rotations, and a significant overbite. I subsequently consulted with two different orthodontists, and was just about to proceed with traditional braces despite the 20 months it would take (not to mention being highly visible) when I went to an Invisalign open house at Dr. Paliani's office in September. Now I first contacted Dr. Paliani about three years ago, and over the years he very patiently answered numerous questions by phone or e-mail. My point is, it took me a long time to act! For me this was a really hard decision to make. As opposed to 20 months of braces, I'm looking at 11 months of Invisalign and very few people even know that I have them (I showed someone I work with yesterday & she was amazed that (1) I had anything on my teeth, and (2) that I've been wearing them since November).) As well, my teeth looked better with Invisalign from day 1 (when I have them on the spacing fills in, etc.). There is also the huge advantage of taking them off to eat & being able to clean your teeth well (I'm flossing regularly now because of Invisalign, something that was evident in my 9 month check-up with my family dentist in Feb) . The downside? The first day or two I thought, "what have I done!" because they were uncomfortable (this would be true for traditional braces) . The first two weeks I salivated a lot, but it's been fine since I got used to them. I often speak publicly to large groups and they don't interfere at all. There is some tightness the first day or two every two weeks when I change the Invisaligns, but nothing that is terribly uncomfortable. I'm almost halfway through and the improvement is already very noticeable. At risk of sounding like an advertisement, based on my experience I don't know why any adult would choose traditional braces if they could use Invisalign. I'm so glad that I opted to go this route & have found Dr. Paliani & his staff wonderful."
Denise R.
"Have you been unhappy with your smile? I know the number that you should dial. They can help you smile and laugh, It is Dr. Bruno Paliani and his staff. No one loves to sit in a dentist chair, But I tell you this dentist really does care. He has the skill and technology you see, It doesn’t matter how bad your teeth might be. Creating new smiles is really his thing, He knows the happiness a new smile can bring. If you need a great dentist and wondering who, Dr. Paliani might just be the person for you. If you hate your teeth or have decay, Don’t put it off one more day! Make the call or go that mile. You deserve a beautiful smile! Bruno Paliani can make your teeth look shiny and new, He did it for me in an appointment or two! It’s really amazing the things he can do, I know he’d love to do the same for you!-------------------I am so happy that I spoke to you about getting a biteplate because I can't believe what a difference it has made. I never thought that I grinded my teeth at night but how could I know? I was asleep! My husband actually heard me grinding my teeth but never mentioned it and since I didn't know, I didn't ask! This is often the problem with teeth grinding as it is usually done unconsciously. I was actually surprised to hear that I grinded my teeth because I wasn't suffering from stress, tension or anxiety which is very common in people who grind their teeth. I often suspected that I might simply just be "clenching my teeth" and not grinding but either way, I realize it was definitely a problem. After using the custom made biteplate, I have no doubt in my mind that I was grinding my teeth and clenching my teeth together while I was asleep. The biteplate was comfortable and after a few nights, I didn't even realize that it was in my mouth. A couple of nights, I have fallen asleep without it and I actually get out of bed just to put it in! I have even discovered that I actually have a more relaxed sleep too. The only problem I have now is keeping it out of reach of my puppy who likes to chew ;o) When I get up in the morning, my jaw feels so more relaxed and I no longer have dull morning headaches. I am so grateful for the biteplate because I no longer have to worry about the worst part of teeth grinding and clenching which is the damage it can cause to my teeth. I know it can wear down and even chip your teeth just to name a couple. If there is anyone out there who even merely suspects that they may be clenching or grinding their teeth - you are definitely the person to talk to!! I hope people don't wait for severe symptoms to happen! Thankfully, I talked to you and got a biteplate before any damage could occur to my teeth and I encourage others to do the same. I know already it has made a difference and saved me problems and money down the road. The last time I saw you, you asked me how I was making out with the biteplate and I told you, "I can't believe this silly little thing makes such a difference!!" but it really, really does. Dr. Paliani, as much as I have enjoyed spending time with you while in the dentist chair, I'm grateful I won't have to spend more time in that chair because my teeth had to be repaired due to grinding :o) So, thank you for the "silly little thing", it's awesome!"
Janice S.
"Dear Dr. Paliani, This letter is to thank you very much for the incredible work you have done on my teeth over the past few years. I absolutely love my new smile! I was so happy to be referred to you several years ago by one of your patients (who I was dating at the time and who has become my husband recently). I was concerned about the dental care I was receiving here in London and was worried about the bridge I had for my front three upper teeth. The bridge was old and needed a root canal in one of the teeth. You recommended I have some work done on it to repair the problem and guaranteed me that you could redo the bridge and improve just about everything about it that I didn’t like and more - the colour, the exposed metal parts, the shape, the texture, and how the false tooth laid against my gum. I was nervous to have you do the work but your assurance that you could redo my bridge and improve all the areas I was unhappy with excited me. Your confidence as well as the photos of your work in the office put me at ease and gave me the courage to say, “Do it!”. Given the accidents in the past that had damaged my teeth and the poor experiences I’d had with dentists, going to the dentist was a highly stressful event for me. Your friendly, gentle, caring manner and warm professional approach and competence put me at ease and I was excited to be taking care of my teeth and having them restored to their potential. It was great to have your special video camera to show me my teeth up close on the tv screen so I could see what you were doing. It was also great to be able to watch tv as you worked on my teeth. That really helped me stay relaxed. During each visit you put me at ease and helped me feel as comfortable as possible. Considering how nervous I was, that was quite a feat! I would also like to thank your office staff, Holly and Jamie, who go out of their way to accommodate any needs, to take care of the business end of visits and to help alleviate my concerns. Every time I have an appointment, I look forward to Holly’s and Jamie’s cheery demeanor and friendly nature. Holly has since become a friend as well as a dental assistant! I am truly thrilled with my new bridge! It is spectacular! It looks so natural that no one can tell that my three front teeth are not my natural teeth. When I tell people about the bridge, they cannot believe it and are quite impressed. I always tell them who did the work, of course! The whitening we did before creating the new bridge was a great idea. After the bridge was complete, you advised me on other dental issues and successfully resolved each one. I was happy with the work you did and feel that step by step my teeth are being restored to their potential. Not only have you repaired old mercury fillings with onlays and porcelain fillings, you have repaired all the exposed dentin on my upper and lower teeth worn down from grinding. I am especially happy with the build up and recontouring of my eye teeth to help prevent grinding at night. You were right, the lengthening of my teeth from the build up does create a more youthful appearance. I love it! I know the work you do is great, not only from looking in the mirror, but because many people notice and comment on my teeth. Even strangers come up to me and tell me how beautiful my teeth are. That really makes me smile! I am no longer self conscious of my teeth. The smile you gave me has really increased my self esteem. I have more confidence now. Whereas in the past, I felt self conscious about my teeth and was embarrassed to smile, I now feel comfortable smiling, and I smile a lot - mostly because now I have a lot to smile about! You have really changed my life. Thanks so very much!"
Karen P.
"Dear Dr. Paliani, Before I met you and your staff, I didn’t even know how to smile. It wasn’t that I was always unhappy, it just appeared that way. I constantly battled self-esteem and being in being made fun of. January 2000 was the first time I had ever heard of you and your staff. My family and I checked it out and eventually made an appointment. The consultation made me the happiest I’d been in a while. Hearing you say you could and would help me, were life changing words to me. As of right now, I’ve had my “new smile” for one year, five months and eight days, though it feels like forever. I’m constantly talking to strangers, who come up to me and tell me I have a beautiful smile. These words are worth the sixteen and a half years before I met you, and my smileless years. I tell people they’re not real and they don’t believe me. People never realize how powerful a smile really is. I am happier than I have ever been thanks to you and your staff. Now I can’t stop smiling. Thank-you for everything. You’ve changed my life and I’ll never forget it."
Crystal M.
"Dear Bruno & Friends, Thank you all for the wonderful, kind, caring and considerate treatment you gave us. Monique and I are both very proud and pleased with the beautiful smiles you created for us; we are still amazed at the meticulous artwork involved to achieve this! We also have the added bonus of increased confidence in our appearance and renewed self-esteem."
Peter F.
"Dr. Paliani & Staff, Please accept my sincere thanks for my new smile. I've received many compliments and have a new sense of confidence. I appreciate your professionalism and the extra touches you provided, especially the glamour shots and beautiful flowers. Sincerely,"
Sandra I.
"Dr. Paliani and Staff; I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and your friendly staff for the care and kindness, that I was given, while a patient at your dentist office. I am very pleased with my new dentures, and they fit perfectly. I have had so many nice comments about my new teeth now, and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a new dentist. Sincerely,"
Helen M.
"Dear Dr. Paliani & Staff, All my life I have been self-conscious about my smile. My teeth were a yellow-grey colour, and there was a very noticeable gap between my two front teeth. Now, my teeth are white, the gap is gone, and I no longer cover my mouth when I smile or laugh. Thanks for my new smile. Sincerely,"
Cathy M.
"I am very happy to be able to express how pleased I am with the excellent work Dr. Bruno Paliani did for me - Improved my smile, Cosmetic Dentistry - and performed other procedures which were necessary. He & his staff are very professional & helpful - I also participate in the (at home) teeth whitening service which was very successful. Thanking everyone involved & now I have a new smile."
Violet W.
"Dear Dr. Paliani, I just wish to say how pleased I am with the work that has been done on my teeth. The Valplast denture fits so comfortably - no more metal clasps - and I forget that it is there. I'm very satisfied with the 'new smile' for the upper teeth. The fixed bridge + caps give me a feeling of confidence as I know the teeth look natural. Another plus is that the teeth are very easy to look after. Thank you. Yours truly, "
Beatrice R.
"Dr. Paliani & Staff, I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the results of all the dental work which I received from your office. For a very long time I had wanted to have my teeth fixed but hesitated because of the length of time it would take for correction via orthodontics. I had never heard of cosmetic dentistry before I came to this office and I was quite impressed by the technique and minimal amount of time required to change my look. During my appointments, I have found the entire staff to be very knowledgeable and professional, I have felt entirely confident in each person's capabilities. I have never before been lucky enough to have a dentist with so much enthusiasm and one who enjoys his work as much as you do. I would definitely recommend you to anyone interested in receiving superior dental care. Thank you,"
"Dear Dr. Paliani, You may be surprised to get this letter from us. However Marion and I wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the dental work you did for us. For Marion you replaced a bridge and several old caps that covered teeth that were decaying. It now not only looks much better, but Marion also feels better. As an unexpected bonus the cracking noise that Marion frequently had in her jaw joint have disappeared. She believes this results from the fact that as part of the work you did, you adjusted her teeth to the correct length. As far as myself is concerned the results of whitening my teeth plus capping and veneering two each of my upper front teeth is almost unbelievable. Every time I look at pictures I can see the amazing improvement. Thank you very much for a job well done. Your work is very much appreciated. Sincerely,"
Lothar T.
"Dear Dr. Paliani, I feel I must write to express how very pleased I am with the dental work you have performed on my teeth. All my life (which is quite considerable), I have been very much aware of how mishapen my front teeth were and longed for a "nice, white smile". After having porcelain veneers applied, I now have lovely white teeth which not only has improved my appearance, but also my self esteem. I would greatly recommend this procedure to anyone wishing to improve their appearance and well being. Thank you again. Sincerely,"
Joyce G.
"At 76 years of age I became concerned that my front teeth were wearing down and had experienced some tenderness in the lower ones. Not wanting to go into crowns or dentures at my age, Dr. Paliani suggested porcelain veneers. It seemed to be the answer to my problem. Now thanks to Dr. Paliani I still have my own teeth and they are white and natural looking. I don't worry about them anymore, and YES I have a new smile and compliments. This is not just for younger people for cosmetic purposes but also people my age."
Jessie G.
"Dr. Paliani, We just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the dental work that you have done for us. Albert is especially pleased with his front teeth on which you have placed All-Porcelain Crowns. It makes him feel great every time he smiles. As for myself, I feel very pleased and much more secure with my appearance and the crowns on the top look great! The bottom bridge with the precise-fitting partial denture look like my own teeth. No one can even tell that they're not my own. Thank you very much for a job well done. Sincerely,"
Irma K.
"Thank you for my great "NEW" smile. I never knew how much I actually liked to smile until I had my makeover. Now I have a permanent smile on my face every day. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to all of you!!"
"I want to thank Dr Paliani and his team for the great service and expertise. It's truly amazing how quickly the transformation took place. The entire process was pain free and allowed me to go about my daily routine without any discomfort. I have received many complements from family and friends on my new natural looking smile. I would recommend Dr. Paliani and the Invisalign program to anyone. Thanks again!"
Graham D.
"Dr. Paliani provided exceptional service and care throughout the process of setting my two front teeth implants and re-aligning my teeth with Invisalign. Before receiving my implants I was fitted with a temporary set of teeth that broke before the implants were ready to be placed. Dr. Paliani knows the importance of a 23-year-old’s front teeth and wasted no time in getting the retainer fixed. His empathy and timely service was truly a breath of fresh air, allowing me to breath easy knowing my retainer would only take a day to fix. I am very impressed and happy with the two crowns that Dr. Paliani set on my front teeth implants. After my implants were placed Dr. Paliani further enhanced my smile with a set of Invisalign retainers. Invisalign provided a fantastic opportunity to re-align my teeth while avoiding the use of cumbersome braces. Now that the process of Invisalign has concluded, I am left with a fantastic smile I am very proud of. With the help of Dr. Paliani I was able to complete my final years of university without any visible signs of aided re-alignment; the only thing visible was a steady progression to a greater smile. I am very appreciative of Dr. Paliani’s friendly and expert service."
Tom K.